About Us

We at Choice, come with a vast experience in the field of providing comfortable seating solutions. We have put in a lot of effort and experimented with varied ingredients in bringing out the best for the ones to see quality and comfort by presenting a whole series of chairs in the name of 'Choice'. 'Choice" chairs are designed ERGONOMICALLY and are teamed with ECONOMIC pricing to provide high quality chairs at very affordable prices without compromising the quality. The chairs are categorised to suit every job and are most sought after by people working in MNC's, IT companies, corporate etc..., Made with major components imported from leading manufacturing companies internationally, 'Choice' chairs are fully certified for high quality 'BIFMA' standards. We are confident in providing the best, and are fully competent to fulfil the needs of our customers. With the increase capacity, we are delighted to be in a position to cater to a larger volume of clients, geared with our new facility all in a short period of time. The factory situated in Bangalore, South India and we specialize in customizing as per our buyers requirements. We strongly believe that "Change is the only thing constant in life" and aim to adhere to this principle meticulously. You have late emphasis on two key factors while designing Choice Chairs. Firstly, we uphold the safety of the users as a key parameter and the comfort needed to improve work efficiency of the person comes a close second. Improper body posture and badly designed chairs are the two major reasons for back pain which is becoming a common occurrence amongst the young professionals (working for 8 to 12 hours a day) these days. Hence, in order to tackle this problem we have taken every precaution to avoid discomfort and health hazards with the help of mindful designs, while educating our customers on the significance of right posture.